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Antioxidants and Skin Care. Facts.

That marketing departments rule the world of cosmetics should not surprise anybody by now. That´s the reason why advertising refers more to trade marks than to patented molecules or processes.


laboratorioThat blocking free radicals influences skin ageing seems to be a scientific fact and has turned into the ultimate strategy for marketing departments in their attempt to seize the innovation quest.

That´s why skincare products containing Vitamin C are being launched by different companies. It has become trendy to include Vitamin C as an ingredient, in concentrations that fluctuate between 1% and 20% depending on the “premiumness” of the brand.


Fact is, that ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) does not happen to be one of the most powerfull antioxidants (250-300 μMol TE/g). On the other hand, everybody knows Vitamin C. So it is a good tool for the sake of efficient communication.


At Tergum Cosmetics we are glad that major brands acknowledge the importance of antioxidant capacity for skin care and that this trend is spreading. In 2010 we started researching in order to develop a serum that could provide the maximum antioxidant capacity to human skin. Our big R&D effort has paid off and an independent institute  has determined that:

  • Tergum Maximum has an  unsurpassed antioxidant capacity: 474.600 μMol TE/g

maximum_categoriaThat means that 1 gram of our final product is  between 1,500 and 1,900 times more powerful than Vitamin C. As an ingredient in cosmetics,  Vitamin C rarely accounts for more than 15% of the final product.

No wonder that the Biomedical Institute of Seville refers to the  “scientific impact” of Tergum Maximum when reporting about its beneficial properties:

  • Free radical blocking.
  • Cell regeneration.
  • Vasodilatory properties.

We recomend the use of Maximum N if you have dry or normal skin types. And Maximum H is THE serum if your skin is oily or mixed.

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The press talks about Maximum

[embedyt][/embedyt]Links to news related to Maximum:

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Interview at “The beauty advisor”

Below you will find a link to an interview given to “The beauty advisor” in which we talk about antioxidants in Skin Care.


Clik here to listen to the interview.

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New studies back our facts

Healthy skin needs nourishment, hydration and protection against aging. That’s why we developed Tergum Maximum Facial Care, that combines an olive oil nourishing serum with an aloe vera moisturizing serum. Our exclusive biotechnology, makes Tergum Maximum possible: 100% natural and with an unsurpassed antioxidant power.


This is not just a typical marketing claim, it is a fact.

We have let an independent research institution (CSIC) test our antioxidant power: it is over 400 times more powerful than Acai berries.


An independent Bio-medical Institute (IBIS) has run an oxidative stress test OxidativeStressTest_noLogo on human skin cells in order to proof the effectiveness of Maximum Facial Care on human tissue: skin cells without the protection of Tergum Maximum oxidated 50% more than the ones treated.

This is  an effective protection against oxidation for human skin.

With 100% natural ingredients, our biotechnology  achieves what others just promise. Once again we let our products be judged by independent research institutions and we are proud of the outcome.