An independent Bio-medical Institute (IBIS) has tested Tergum Maximum to proof its effectiveness on human skin tissue. The first conclusion was logical due to Maximum´s unsurpassed antioxidant capacity: it reduces superoxide anion production and increases nitric oxide generation.

Scientific Report_TergumMaximum 6

Furthermore  the assay concluded that Tergum Maximum reduces apoptosis (24 hours) in fibroblasts and  keratinocytes. This anti-apoptotic effect of Tergum Maximum is related to a drastic reduciton of cell proliferation (6 and 24 hours) in fibroblast.

Scientific Report_TergumMaximum 7

The biological significance of the scientific report from the IBIS points out following beneficial properties for the skin:

  • Protection against free radicals.
  • Vasodilatory.
  • Impact on cell repair (DNA).
  • Prevention of malignant cell processes.


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