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Antioxidant power

At Tergum we have no big marketing budget, we are a small biotech company with a strong experteese: natural extracts and antioxidants.

We believe that there are no miracle ingredients that can regenerate skin. If there would be such, we would find them in hospitals rather than in cosmetics.

Skin regenerates on its own. What we do when we have a wound: protect it with bandages to help skin regenerate. It just needs protection to have a better chance to regenerate.

It is well known that aging is caused by the oxidation process. And that products with a high phenolic content have a higher antioxidant power and are therefor beneficial, since they show a protective effect against oxidation.

The cosmetic industry is aware of this fact and invests a big marketing effort to claim antiox effects for its products.
We think that such claims should be scientifically backed.

There is a standard to meassure the antioxidant capacity of a certain product or extract, it is called ORAC assay. Using this method, ORAC values obtained for Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are between 250-300 mol TE/g.

We have let an indipendent institution make an ORAC assay on our Maximum Facial Care (you can see the results in our web page under “FACTS“): 474,600 mol TE/g.

That is over a 1000 times more powerfull than pure Vitamin C.

Natural ingredients + our technology = your best chance to prevent skin aging.